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What’s a Counselor Do Anyway?

Small Groups

Sometimes, a few students have the same questions or concerns that they need help with. Kids who share similar experiences can help and support each other. Some things small groups can work on include bullying prevention, test anxiety, divorce, anger management, organization and time management, grief and loss, getting along with other kids or adults.…

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If you are having trouble with one of your classes–can’t understand the material, having problems completing the homework, just don’t get it when you try to read the textbook chapter–please let me know. I can help you talk to your teachers, find out about afterschool tutoring, get your parents and teachers together–whatever we need to…

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Counseling in the Classroom

I will be in your classrooms, helping you learn to be as successful as you can be at Crum this year. I can help you with everything from organizing your locker to figuring out what you might want to be when you graduate from high school! Ever wonder what job would be best for you?…

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Individual Counseling

Have a question and don’t know who to ask? Having trouble with your math homework? Arguing with your best friend? Or just need someone to listen? If I can’t help, I can usually direct you to someone who can! I will be meeting with each student this year to review the data we are gathering…

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Counselors keep what students discuss with them private. I will not share what you discuss with me with anyone else, unless you give me permission to do so. Sometimes, we may talk to the principal, your teacher, or your parents together. The exception to confidentiality involves safety. If you share information with me that causes…

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Meet Mrs. Newman

Hello! I have been working at CMS since 1997, and I love being your counselor! I also have teaching degrees in English and art, and I taught for 10 years before becoming a counselor. As you may have guessed, I love to read and would be happy to help you select interesting books for your…

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